Who we are

We are a media technology company founded in the US, specialized in audio sound system powered by 'WIZOR', creating our extraordinarily X-Spatial 4D sound environment.

What do we do

We are here to fulfill our customer requirement, enhancing the sound quality of digital contents including movies, TV shows, digital media, video games etc. And physical settings such as cinemas, theaters, concert halls, and night clubs by applying our latest technology 'WIZOR'.

Our mission

Leading the future cutting-edge digital entertainment enjoyment.

Our Product - X-Spatial Series

X-Spatial series feature the exclusive and revolutionary WIZOR HD audio optimization technology. Capitalized on the principle of sound wave transmission and human sense of hearing, X-Spatial products restore the signal, sound field, location and sense of space through the application of aerospace technology which enables all audio playback systems to deliver an authentic high-fidelity surround sound effect.

Facilitating the sense of space and distance of the users, X-Spatial series present premium audio quality and deliver high fidelity and full-spectrum surround sound effect to foster an immersive and meticulous auditory experience. X-Spatial series cover a wide range of applications, from professional recording & mixing system, cinema audio system to various consumer electronic devices, aiming to provide a powerful audio experience that makes sounds come alive with breath taking realism.