“4D Psychoacoustics" Strikes a New Pose on the International Stage!

(7 December 2016, Hong Kong) - X-Spatial Media Technology Limited held the grand launch of "X-Spatial 4D Psychoacoustics" technology and movie preview of "Beyond Skyline" at UA Cine Times, Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong today (7 December 2016), indicating that such epoch-making audio optimization technology is officially available with the highest regard from the Hollywood. Being the first movie utilizing "X-Spatial 4D Psychoacoustics" technology in post audio production, "Beyond Skyline" is the sequel of Hollywood-based science fiction movie "Skyline" produced by Hydraulx Visual Effects, which is the same visual effect team of "Avatar" and "2012", the utilization of "X-Spatial 4D Psychoacoustics" enriches the magnificent story and makes it even more perfect and complete. During the grand launch event, X-Spatial also signed the cooperative agreements with Zhuijang Film & Media Corporation Limited ("Zhuijang Film"), the leading cinema group in China, and FeeFaan Cultural Industry Group Limited ("FeeFaan Cultural"), the leading video production and marketing corporation, as well as Beijing Forbidden City Film Company Limited ("Beijing Forbidden City") to promote the installation of "X-Spatial 4D Psychoacoustics" in their cinemas chains and franchises in Southern China and Northern China, so as to expand the coverage of cinemas in the Mainland and comprehensively advance into market of the Greater China. The grand launch attracted more than 300 guests to experience the revolutionary auditory feast personally, including leaders of movie-making industry in Hollywood and the Greater China like Mr. Liam O ‘Donnell, Director of Beyond Skyline; Ms. Maguy Cohen, Hollywood Film Producer; Mr. Matthew Chausse, Producer of Beyond Skyline and President of Mirabelle Pictures; Mr. Phillip Chausse, Executive Producer of Mirabelle Pictures; as well as representatives from cinemas, movie producers, movie issuers and investment sector, so that the place is bustling with joys and excitement.