Digital Cinema


Through positioning the specific “signal” and “spectrum” of various sounding objects, it recreates various uninterfered sound fields and restore them to the respective original position. The technology enables an improved sound purity of each acoustic source, facilitating the sense of space and distance of the users.

Car Audio


With the “digital signal processing”, Car Audio gives the best high-fidelity reproduced sound effects from the audio signals of the vehicle by offering compensation curve and correction curve. Sound details are highlighted and a 5.1-channel virtual surround sound effect is produced. It is handy, delicate and of quick installation.


Regardless of where the user is and what time it is, X-Spatial Bluetooth lets the audiences experience the 360-degree sound field with accurate reproduction of original sound. What is more, X-Spatial Bluetooth is equipped with a built-in microphone to support hands-free talkingwhich convenient customers to use under different situations.


Boasting the built-in WIZOR sound field and sound quality enhancement technology, it is the testament to supremacy of musical performance by delivering high fidelity, high definition and full-spectrum 3-D surround sound effect, which suits the utmost requirements of music aficionados.


Supporting WizPod to deliver amazing audio output, WizSound can turn your mobile devices into a portable, hi-fi sound system. It works intelligently to enhance sound effect and provide full-spectrum audio and clarity through Wizor technology. This innovative speaker output is compact and light to take alone, which brings you the perfectly well-balanced sound wherever you go. The sound quality is greatly enhanced as compared to the original and provide consumers the best way to enjoy 4D psychoacoustic sound.


Featuring the Wizor Signature sound, WizEar is a perfect match with WizPod to provide breathe-taking audio performance. With intelligent working system, the high quality earphone will help to optimize the audio for your content and offer 4D psychoacoustic sound reproduction. In addition, its super soft rubber earbuds deliver a comfortable fit and exceptional noise isolation, which enables you to immerse yourself into music anywhere, anytime.