Digital Cinema


Through positioning the specific “signal” and “spectrum” of various sounding objects, it recreates various uninterfered sound fields and restore them to the respective original position. The technology enables an improved sound purity of each acoustic source, facilitating the sense of space and distance of the users.

4D Audio System

With the shared belief in pursuing the “original sound”, X-Spatial joint hands with Bowers & Wilkins to present the 4D Audio System which comprised of the WizAmp, the amplifier designed by X-Spatial and two B&W M1 Speaker from B&W. This 4D Audio System can deliver premium seamless 4D surround sound with the 2.0 audio set-up and won’t take up space at home. WizAmp, powered by WIZOR Technology, has 3 modes (Hall/Theater/Opera House) for users to choose based on the different sound sources and their personal preference. Users can also experience the perfect balance of music, movie dialogue and sound effect while watching movies at home through this 4D Audio System.

The light and compact X-Spatial Bluetooth is designed with wirelessly connectivity to smartphones, computers or other Bluetooth devices. Regardless of where the user is and what time it is, X-Spatial Bluetooth lets the audiences experience the 360-degree sound field with accurate reproduction of original sound. What is more, X-Spatial Bluetooth is equipped with a built-in microphone to support hands-free talkingwhich convenient customers to use under different situations. From music to films or video games, users will definitely enjoy the level of realism of surround sound effect.

WizAnywhere is a light portable amplifier and DAC for headphones which can real time boost the sound quality of all sound sources. WizAnywhere has a dedicated WIZOR audio processor that can noticeably enhance audio quality and deliver 4D surround sound. WizAnywhere can connect to both digital and analog sound sources through connection options that include 3.5mm standard line, earphone balance japc, type C and Bluetooth 4.0. WizAnywhere is designed to allow users to enjoy awesome listening experience anytime, anywhere.

WizBoxx Active is the most advanced portable audio DAC(Digital to Analog Converter) with Bluetooth Speaker in the market and can deliver 4D surround sound audio experience anywhere. WizBoxx Active combines functions of DAC and audio speaker in one easily portable device. With the excellent 24-bit HD digital-to-analog converter powered by Texas Instruments LM49450 chips, WizBoxx Active can bring audience the enhanced experience of 360-degree original sound. WizBoxx Active is also equipped with Hand Free Mobile Phone Answering System with the built-in microphone that allows users to make phone calls when connected to a compatible device.

Equipped with WIZOR technology, WizPole is a Hi-Fi class floor-standing loudspeaker with modern design that delivers premium 4D surround sound for home entertainment. WizPole is integrated with speakers and amplifier which provides astounding imaging, natural balance, and remarkable seamless detail. WizPole is equipped with two 2-inch custom-made full range drivers which make the sound articulate, detailed and accurate. It also has another custom-made tweeter & woofer which delivers clean highs and powerful original bass. It is designed and crafted like a gorgeous piece of furniture.