WIZOR/X-Spatial audio technology introduction

Hear the difference with WIZOR!



(Clip provided by Forbidden City Film)


WIZOR is a revolutionary acoustic technology which aims to present a premium full-bodied audio quality with amazing audio empathic experience. This revolutionary technology restores the signal, sound field, location and sense of space through the transformation of aerospace technology.

WIZOR produces 4D surround sound by "tricking" human brain to believe the man is hearing a 3-dimensional surround sound with a 4th-dimensional Musical Sensitivity & Perception Enhancement (MSPE) acoustic effect, which enhances human brain's sensitivity to music.The restructured audio signal is recompiled and developed into a 3D sound field, which provides a 360-degree surround sound effect with the “3D auditory system” to deliver vivid audio details and state-of-the-art psychoacoustic properties.

Capitalized on the principle of sound wave transmission and human sense of hearing, it positions the specific signal and spectrum of various sounding objects to recreates various uninterfered sound fields and restore them to the respective original position.

WIZOR acoustic technology, a Wizard of Soundperforming magic to the music and sound.