WizAnywhere is a light portable amplifier and DAC for headphones which can real time boost the sound quality of all sound sources. WizAnywhere has a dedicated WIZOR audio processor that can noticeably enhance audio quality and deliver 4D surround sound. WizAnywhere can connect to both digital and analog sound sources through connection options that include 3.5mm standard line, earphone balance japc, type C and Bluetooth 4.0. WizAnywhere is designed to allow users to enjoy awesome listening experience anytime, anywhere.

Portable amplifier and headphone DAC

WizAnywhere is even more applicable to cars. Everyone knows that if you are listening to music in your car, the best effect you can hear is the driver's position. But, after installing WizAnywhere, the quality of sound will be no longer restricted to any position. Every passenger can hear the same sound just like the driver, enjoy the 4D seamless sound together, and greatly solve the problem of non-uniform sound in the car.